Work Station Ergonomics

Lesley Jane King offers functional workstation assessments at your place of work!

This may be a turn around for the patient who already has had a work station assessment but not by a Chartered Physiotherapist and is still having problems.

Recurrent neck; shoulder aches; tension headaches and arm pain and cramps or low back pain may be work related and dramatically improved with small adjustments to your work station. Doing your own ergonomic checklist really is not enough for someone who is suffering back and neck problems at work!

It is all very well to treat your spinal problems with manual therapy; exercises and posture and it is critical to have the right chair, desk and PC but they also need to be working in relation to one another for long term solutions for your back care.

The functional workstation assessments

Your Physiotherapy work station specialist assessment considers your biomechanical requirements and source of injury and preventative postural needs using DSE guidelines. All adjustments that can be made will be made there and then.

If you also require a written report on your current work station, recommendations and possibilities of other new equipment that could further enhance your situation this is also advised.

Lesley says "There is no point having a top of the range chair if it isn't set up properly, so if you are still getting aches and pains at work it is really worth considering expert opinion for your sitting arrangement"

For more information or to arrange an appointment, call now on 07711 419858 (The Strand) or email:

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