Physiotherapy Running Analysis

Are you running before you can walk properly and training for a marathon or just want to be able to run safely for a bus?

Not enjoying your running anymore due to pain or lack of efficiency?

You may be running with problematic biomechanics and insufficient strength and control.

Orthotics may not be the answer and really on the whole can be avoided if you learn to walk and run properly.

I see and treat many people running with potentially harmful running patterns, weak muscle strength in their kinetic chain that should be acting as shock absorbers; poor trunk - pelvic control and stiff or weak ankles and feet.

The Physiotherapy Running Analysis may be part of:
  1. Your treatment plan with an existing injury looking at the above biomechanical causes and preventative and rehabilitation programme measures.
  2. You have no existing injury but feel inefficient in your running and feel preventative measures necessary.
  3. It is necessary to look at 1 Repetition maximum strength in major muscle groups and in ratio to each other and in relation to your Body weight; also running pattern assessed indoors.
  4. You may book a joint session with a fitness instructor and Physiotherapist at the Jubilee Hall Gym, Covent Garden for performance.

For more information or to arrange an appointment, call now on 07711 419858 (The Strand) or email:

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